Donovan Niles, CPA

Tax Controversy Manager, IRS

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Donovan Niles, CPA is the Tax Controversy Manager, IRS of Sagemont

As the Tax Controversy Manager, Donovan Niles is the first line of defense in all matters with the IRS and taxpayers. He provides solutions for refund claim issues so there is little delay in processing. Duties include standard profile changes, drafting of returns as well as more complex audit defenses/protests of audit assessments. His favorite part of his job is working with his Sagemont Advisors colleagues, meeting new clients and learning about their unique businesses.

Donovan loves finding creative solutions and has spent most of his career helping taxpayers navigate tax audits and criminal investigations. He has provided a range of services to a wide scope of businesses but mostly assisted small businesses with IRS or Department of Revenue compliance. He specializes in tax controversy in Federal, State, County, City, & Special District and excise taxes including niche areas such as Tobacco and Fuel.

Donovan has both a Masters of Accounting and a Bachelors of Business Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. He also enjoys financial/retirement planning and stock trading as a hobby.

Born, raised and living in South Florida his whole life, Donovan enjoys sunny outdoor activities such as gardening, fishing and boating. Fascinated with butterfly gardens, beekeeping, urban farming and aquaponics, he has been a reef aquarium hobbyist for over a decade and found success in aqua-cultured coral. He loves dogs, especially his own German Pinscher, Anna Bananas. He also enjoys financial/retirement planning and stock trading as a hobby.